New Year - New Beginnings

Empowering Coaching Retreat

Soul-inspired, joyful living starts by taking a break and pausing to reflect -

on your life journey, your current situation and life circumstances, how you are really doing and how you want to feel.


What a perfect time to do that at the turn of the year.


Taking time for introspection, reflection and discovery.


Reconnecting with yourself: entering a space of stillness and clarity.


Making peace with what was and opening up for the New to come.

How do want to feel?



Heart-Inspired Self Care.


Benefit of Clear Desires.


Creation of Soul-Centered Goals.


Purify and Energize

Within an inspirational, guided structure you will

  • reflect on this past year by taking a deeper look at the challenges and wins you experienced
  • (re-)direct your focus on the learning lessons and your personal growth opportunities
  • become aware of what was missing and which areas of your life you left out too much
  • get in touch with your heartfelt desires,
  • release any limitations holding you back,
  • connect with that burning desire of how you want to feel and
  • set heart-centered goals,
  • create concrete action steps and ´soulful commitment

Get the Gems

What you get:


  • two 60 min. individual Coaching Sessions via Skype or Telephone or face to face at my coaching room
  • a specific inspirational structure for your reflection of the year (first session)
  • creative guidance for setting your soulful goals for the new year (second session)
  • handout and homework in between the sessions
  • follow-up email after the two sessions to check in with your progress making


Self investment:      97 Euro  

 Give yourself or your friend or a family member the gift of coaching!


The dates and times of our sessions will be scheduled at your convenience. The session can take place either before the end of this year or at the beginning of the new year. Payment is possible via Paypal or credit card.



"Bridging your desires to intentions"

"Revolution instead of resolutions."

"Desire is the engine of creation"

Are you ready?


Sign up now for this soulful retreat. Just send me an email and I will contact you with the details.