Mindful Living – The Power of Now

Do you often feel

  • like a hamster in the wheel running like crazy?
  • like set on autopilot moving through your days kind of numb?
  • lost and torn in your roles as a (working) woman, partner/ wife, mother …juggling your own and others needs and expectations?
  • disconnected from yourself and others?
  • exhausted and burnt out not being able to live in the Now?
  • disconnected from your intuition and a lack of (inner) balance in your life?
  • stressed and overwhelmed what to focus on and which direction to turn to?

With our packed schedules and ever-growing to-do lists, we rush through our days and weeks to try to accomplish as many things as possible. It’s easy to focus on the outer world with all its noise and fast-paced technology.

BUT if we are only dealing with the outside world and neglect our inner world, we risk missing the signs of exhaustion, stress, burnout and depression, and we risk losing the connection to ourselves and our loved ones, our essence and intuition. Our overall well-being is at stake.

Living mindfully means giving your full attention to where you are, what you are doing and what you are thinking in any given moment. The more mindfully you live, the greater is your awareness of everything that happens within you and around you. Awareness is a state of being and connects you to yourself and everything that is there for you. You become aware of who you are at your essence and your own truth on a deeper level. 




Awareness is a starting point for change leading to personal growth and inner balance.


This Program is About Mindfulness and Self Awareness

This Program is for Women who:

  • feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted from juggling daily life as a (working) woman, mother, partner/wife, etc.
  • are tired of rushing through the days and weeks as they are trying to keep up with the speed of life
  • want to live (more) mindfully and consciously and reconnect with themselves
  • want to become aware of what needs to change and take better care of themselves
  • value their personal growth and invest in their own well-being.

What You Will Gain:


In this program you will:

  • explore new ways of thinking, being and doing related to mindfulness 
  • clarify what it means for you to live mindfully
  • increase your (self) awareness around your own needs and your well-being
  • identify and define the inner obstacles that block you from being mindful and examine the impact these obstacles have on you
  • increase your awareness of “what needs to change” and define your first action steps
  • develop healthy structures in your daily life that support you in living mindfully
  • create your own plan of mindfulness practice and integrate it in your daily life
  • explore a mindset that enables you to engage with others and life’s challenges in a new way with the focus on choice and opportunity

What Does the Program Include?

  • Six  75 min. coaching sessions
  • Guided inner work that helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level and to step into your powerful presence
  • Authentic tools and exercises in the sessions and as homework to support you in increasing your awareness and becoming mindful 
  • Email support between the coaching sessions

This program is offered as an individual coaching package or as a group coaching program.

Contact me for more details or when the next group coaching round is offered.