Signature Programs

Signature Coaching Programs are

  • focused on a specific topic
  • structured and guided, following a defined process
  • enriched with additional material like worksheets, audios, inspiring articles,...
  • conducted over a three - four month period to provide effective support that inspires inner shifts, breakthroughs and personal growth
  • available for individual clients and groups

These programs can be modified for organizations, and adapted to fit the unique needs of your specific group.

Contact me, if you would like to receive a complimentary session to find out which program suits your needs and how I can support you best.


Open your heart space, ignite your internal flame and start living fully by creating a soul-inspired, authentic life. 

Awareness is a starting point for change and personal growth. Experience the power of the present moment.

Women coming together in joyous stillness, soul connection, inspiring lightness and heartfelt wisdom, supporting each other.