Workshops for Expats



While companies may invest considerable resources on behalf of expat employees, many overlook the unique issues and needs facing their spouses and families.Spousal stress or dissatisfaction is one of the primary reasons that many international assignments fail or lead to divorce. 

The success of an assignment often depends on the well-being family behind the assigned employee.

I offer various workshops on different topics to support and prepare expats and their trailing families before, during or after relocation to master the transition.


The workshops are offered in an individual or group setting at the company location or online via webinar and teleclass.


Contact me for a detailed detailed training catalog with more information about the individual workshops.

Workshop Topics:

  • Change Management in General
  • Dealing with Transition as an Expat
  • Building a Foundation within the Expat Family
  • Stress Management
  • Mastering Transition as a Trailing Spouse
  • Entering a New Culture
  • Country Specific Cultural Training
  • Dealing with Culture Shock and Homesickness
  • Helping your Children Master Relocation
  • Repatriating – The Difficulties of Coming Home
  • Mindfulness and Optimism – Powerful Tools for Mastering Change


10 week Group Coaching Program for Expat Trailing Spouses:

“Master Change as an Expat Spouse”