Transformational Leadership Coaching

A different way of coaching.

Exceptional Leaders

  • lead with both - Heart and Mind.
  • know themselves well and value authenticity. They have a soft spot and are courageous enough to show it.
  • stand for trust, honesty, respect, empathy, compassion, commitment. Their actions are aligned with their values. True leaders are role models.
  • integrate the intuitive and rational mind in decision making.
  • know how to inspire their teams. They communicate and lead with respect, empathy and fair play.
  • are Mental Pilots: igniting new ideas, leading the way into new territories, being aware of their power and responsibility.
  • are an inspiration to those around them. 





Leadership is about creating new realities.

- by Peter Senge



Transformational Leadership Coaching with Sandra is about creating

new ways of Thinking, Being and Doing.

It inspires breakthrough, action and results.


Mental Pilots - Leaders of the Future

Leadership Coaching with Sandra Seibert

  • is a thought provoking and creative process that inspires to maximize personal and professional potential.
  • helps to navigate through complex situations and circumstances with an expanded awareness around challenge and opportunity.
  • increases personal awareness on many different levels which leads to a much broader variety of perspectives and opportunities.
  • allows the unlearning from limiting strategies and the creation of innovative ideas.
  • defines and strengthens professional, personal and social skills and competencies.
  • increases and strengthens the competencies of self awareness, self reflection, and inspires new perspectives.
  • helps to develop a powerful presence turning challenges into breakthrough, action and results.
  • holds the focus for potential and innovation while dancing with the big picture and the details of a situation at the same time.

Areas of Focus

Personal Development

  • personal presence - who am I as a leader, how do I show up
  • self awareness and self reflection
  • authenticity and integrity
  • personal power
  • growth mindset
  • soulful leadership skills
  • limiting internal paradigms
  • navigation of the unknown in today´'s complexity (VUCA-world)
  • peaceful mind

Leading Others

  • communicating from the heart
  • celebration of diversity
  • leading with heart and mind
  • increased awareness for team dynamic
  • the power of trust
  • intercultural mindset and competencies
  • team spirit and potential

Resilience in Business

  • opportunities and potential
  • complex situations and circumstances (VUCA-world)
  • transition and change
  • connection and collaboration

Coaching sessions are offered in English and German,

in person, via Skype or telephone.


Who are you as a Leader?


How are you showing up every day?

What´ is your leadership approach and style?

Which difficulties and challenges do you face in being a leader?

What is your personal presence as a leader?

How high or low is your stress level?

What about life-work-balance?

How does your energy level look like?

My Transformational Coaching Tools are coming from various fields:

  • Transformational Presence Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Positive Psychology
  • Buddhism
  • Quantum Physics
  • Human Energy Potential
  • Heart Math
  • Ancient Wisdom Teachings
  • Eastern and Western Philosophy
  • Systemic Coaching