The first step is a complimentary 45 min. coaching session to determine your situation, the challenges you face and the desire that brings you to seek working with a coach.

This first exchange of ideas is free of charges because it is mainly about how I could support you and if I am the best fit for you and your issue. We also find out if the “chemistry” between us is right and we are a good match which is essential for a successful coaching relationship.

If you decide to work with me, I send you an information package and contract. Part of that is a structured form which you use to define the areas/ topics / goals you want to focus on in our work together. In our first coaching session we will go over your defined areas /topics/ goals and clarify if necessary.

My Coaching Style. Clients describe the way I work as follows: fully present, empathetic, intuitive, compassionate, gentle yet challenging and powerful, honest, consistent yet flexible, moving right to the essence of the problem.

In our work together we focus on your strength, resources, skills and own inner wisdom to find the answers and solutions that feel right for you. I do not impose solutions. I provide suggestions and ideas in the way of brainstorming, and honest feedback in a caring manner which is sensitive to your needs.

Coaching Journey designed for you. My coaching is designed and tailored to your needs. I do not follow a set method, structure or “one size fits all”-principle. My work is based on a wide variety of tools, techniques, coaching models combined with my own inspirational personal and professional experience/wisdom that I share when appropriate.I respect you and your decisions whatever you choose to do and act upon.

I am dedicated and fully committed to be being 100% present in my work with you, and put all my focus, energy, myself into supporting you. 

The following key areas are part of the process:

  • Self Awareness around your present situation/ life and what´s behind the challenges and issues you face.
  • Self Discovery. Self Reflection. Exploring, and aligning your values, beliefs, heart´s desire, vision, thoughts, actions. Transforming limiting paradigms.
  • Aim. Desire for change. Motivation. Goal Setting. What do you want and where to you want to be.
  • Intent. Commitment. Action Steps. Following through. Walking the path. Momentum. Challenges and adjustments along the way.
  • Self Development. Achievements. Wins and Successes. Appreciation. Celebrating.

Individual coaching sessions are between 45- 60 min. and take place via Skype, telephone or in person (either at my office or your company/ place).

Group Coaching sessions are between 90 min. and two hours, and take place online or in person. Leadership Seminars and Expat Training last between three hours and a day, and held are in person at the company.

Benefits of Coaching via Skype and telephone. Over the years I discovered and came to highly appreciate the benefits and advantages of coaching via Skype or telephone. It doesn´t matter where you are in the world, coaching via Skype and telephone ensures you being temporally flexible and geographically independent. You can integrate coaching in your daily life and personal schedule as needed. It saves you time and money, as you don´t have to travel. Many people find it easier to concentrate and “let go” during a session as they don´t feel observed and watched – they experience a greater inner freedom and frankness. My clients are international, located in other countries like USA, England, Australia, Israel, France, Netherlands, or in different parts of Germany. 

Two languages. The sessions are conducted in English or German.