Transformational Coaching

What is Coaching?

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

   – defined by the International Coach Federation, ICF

My Interpretation of Coaching

Coaching is a process of unlocking your potential, discovering and developing your own authentic, soul-inspired, powerful presence and implementing positive change in your personal and professional life.


A coaching relationship is based on confidentiality and a professional code of ethics.

Transformational Coaching is about

  • constantly expanding your awareness: how you think, how you look at things, and how you meet opportunities and challenges in your life
  • continuous personal growth and forward learning by stretching yourself, taking leaps and approaching edges knowing that life and personal development begins at the end of your comfort zone
  • discovering more of who you are and what is limiting you (patterns, paradigms, …) and transforming the beliefs that no longer serve you
  • taking on new perspectives and meeting the challenges in your life with openness, curiosity and a "growth mindset"
  • understanding yourself on a deeper level
  • experiencing the possibility of choice in your daily life
  • uncovering the truth underneath your challenges and circumstances, and discovering the opportunities waiting for you
  • turning your powerful presence into breakthrough, action and results
  • stepping forward when the moment of breakthrough is reached
  • committing to your vision and heart-desired goal that won´t let go of you, and follow its calling

Want to find out how I work and what clients say about coaching with me?

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Who do I work with? I specialize in working with individuals from all walks of life who seek personal and professional development, and who are committed to implement positive change in their personal or professional life.


My Areas of Expertise. Life Transition and Change. Personal Growth and Development. Leadership. Soul-Inspired, Authentic Living. Self Awareness and Inner Balance. Stress-Management. Burnout. Personal Transformation. Expatriate Living. Relocation and Repatriation. Third Culture Kids. Family. Youth. Relationships. Parenting.

Is Transformational Coaching for you?

  • you face a crisis and transition in your personal or professional life that challenges you to your very limits
  • you feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted
  • you are caught in limiting thought, communication and behavior patterns
  • you are lacking on inner balance and suffering burnout
  • you feel disconnected from yourself and your loved ones
  • you are dealing with parenting challenges and issues, feeling drained and helpless, losing self confidence as a parent
  • your child seems stressed out. The trouble with your child has an impact on your marriage/ partnership and the whole family
  • you face the difficulties and challenges of relocation, living abroad, repatriation, cultural transition & culture shock, language barriers, homesickness and isolation

 My clients are. 

  • individuals who are aware of the need for change. They want to create soul-inspired, authentic lives, and are ready to commit and do it now
  • they know that in order to move forward through crisis and transition, achieve results, implement change and find new answers, they need to be supported, guided and challenged by a coach
  • they know that in today´s world working with a coach is a sign of self leadership, self worthiness, inner strength, intelligence and commitment to personal growth
  • willing to stand up for their vision and dreams, taking the necessary steps towards success, deep joy and authentic living
  • mindful of their time and money, valuing coaching as an investment in their well-being and self development
  • open-minded, curious, self aware, holding their heart´s desire and vision up high, ready for new ways of thinking, being and doing