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Loving Kindness to Yourself

"What makes maitri (loving kindness to yourself) such a different approach is that we are not trying to solve a problem. We are not striving to make pain go away... In fact, we are giving up control altogether and letting concepts and ideals fall apart. -Pema Chödrön


Holding the space for yourself, allowing anything to arise...


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VUCA - World and the Art of Simplicity

Our world isn't simple anymore. Change and impermanence are a normal and part of every day life. Our world has become uncertain, complex, volatile and often we feel confused and helpless as things seem chaotic, unsafe and ambiguous. We don't know how to move forward, on business level as well as in our personal lives...




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Looking At Life Through My Reading Glasses

Monday morning. Office hours. Different notes scribbled on different sizes of papers, scattered chaotically all over my desk, directing me to the things that needed to be done. ‘Quickly,’ screamed the little perfectionist in me, ‘Quickly, do it all NOW’.


My mind felt kind of frantic this morning. There were...





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Preciousness And Transience

Every year when nature is changing towards the scarcity and loneliness of winter, and the landscape is showing its bone structure, I start looking closer to what’s going on around me and inside of me. It seems like my awareness becomes as sharp as nature in the changing season of fall to winter.

On my walks with the dogs...

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Holiday Season And What Matters Most

It´s the first Advent Sunday. The first candle is lit, the house smells of gingerbread and is decorated with lovely little Christmas things. 

I am not bound to Christianity, I am not going to church. I find wisdom and truth in various religions and feel most connected to God/ Greatness/ Spirit/ the Universe (whatever name you want to use for that greater power) when I am in nature....




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Life Lessons Along The Way

The year is coming to an end and looking back I have to admit that 2015 wasn’t my year. Not at all. Not a tiny bit. It started crappy with me being sick, it continued with me being sick, it went on with me being sick… one illness after another… my body came up with different kind of issues, some small, some intense, full recovery seemed difficult. Midyear I was physically, mentally and emotionally out of balance. 

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Releasing and Making Peace

Just a few weeks left until 2015. Somehow I am not ready yet to let 2014 end. This year slipped through my fingers and part of me holds on to it, still processing what touched me deeply. 2014 was quite intense on different levels for my loved ones and myself. Looking back I see three major themes in 2014


giving permission

new beginnings

being authentic and real


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Outer and Inner Chaos

Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of spinning chaos. Life is going crazy around and within me. I am at the edge of losing my patience and temper. Feelings of dizziness, stress and overwhelm drain my energy.

I am sure you know those days. You try to catch up with work and your to-do list is huge. It even gets longer and longer, and you never feel you get caught up. Additional there are appointments and meetings you need to attend, and several people are waiting for your phone call and attention. You want to have time and energy for your children, and be the best parent possible. Your partner and your family also need your support. Then there are emergencies and illness - always happening in exact those times. And the days seem to be too short to get everything done.

Does this sound familiar?

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The Gentle Voice Within

My gentle voice within - always there but easily ignored. 

My gentle voice tries to tell me very important things:


Listen to me. - Do you really want this? - What do you feel deep inside? - Believe in yourself. - You know what´s best for you. - Just be yourself. - Slow down. - Take a break. - No need for perfectionism. - You are loved because of who you are. - Step back and pause. - ...


When we are little kids, we hear our inner voice with great clarity and we do respond to life very intuitively. We "know" from deep inside how we feel, what or who we like or dislike,... we sense honesty and authenticity, we sense good and bad.


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Grateful For Being The Mom of My Son

I need to write about my little one. (August 2014)

He has always been my challenge, often left me sitting with questions regarding parenting. He has caused some ambivalent feelings in me - sadness, impatience, frustration, helplessness, worry... and since the first minute of being in this world he has been a special spiritual, so very compassionate and sensitive child. Looking back on 6 years, I now find our relationship changing so very much....


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