Sandra Obergruber, CTPC, CPC



Soul Woman.

Free Spirit.

World Traveller.




  • Certified Professional Coach (trained at and certified by the Australien-based International Coach Academy)
  • Certified Transformational Presence Coach (CTPC) at the Leadership & Coach Training in Rumania and Mentor Program (USA) at the Center for Transformational Presence.
  • Cultural Consultant for Expats (trained by and listed at BOSCH Company).
  • Trained in “Systemic Counseling for Youth and Parents in Youth Welfare Departments” at FoBiS (Systemic Institution for Education, Research and Consultation)
  • Professional certified educator with more than 18 years of professional experience serving as an educationist and systemic counselor in different German Youth Welfare Departments  as well as teaching in daycare/preschool environments in Germany. I have worked with emotional disturbed and traumatized children ranging in age 0 -15 years and young adults (including male refugees) in age 16-19 years.
  • Workshop facilitator (Parenting seminars held at the German Language School in Bloomfield, Michigan, USA, at the Sozialstiftung, Hospital in Bamberg, and currently at Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Konstanz in Germany).
  • Workshop facilitator in educational manner for managing educators in daycare environments at Haus der Familie, Sindelfingen, Germany.
  • Planned education and training in 2020-2012 to become a certified trauma therapist.

Personally I strongly believe in continued education. I will always find new ways to enhance my learning and understanding as a coach, trainer and educator.

Why do I Coach?


I have a very intense life experience with so many different transitions and crisis´ to master ultimately leading / resulting in self-exploration and self development, personal change and growth. I have experienced the power of coaching myself and see a lot of benefits for others.


Coaching is empowering and unlocks potential. It is such a wonderful experience to witness my clients going beyond their fears, personal limitations and boundaries, and step into their own power. Seeing my clients connect with themselves on a deeper level, re-discover their strengths and resources, gain clarity and self-confidence, dare to be real and genuine in their professional and personal life, create healthy relationships, find peace within themselves again, and build a soul-inspired, authentic life, I feel fulfilled and grateful, and know this is the soul-based work, my heartfelt vision and passion job.


This is what I want and need to do: helping others to reconnect with who they truly are and support them to become who they want to be to live a life in balance and inner harmony.

MY MISSION: To help individuals from all walks of life step into their Greatness by inspiring and supporting new ways of thinking, being and doing, so they  feel empowered to move through crisis and life transitions, implement change and create soul-inspired, authentic lives.

Hi and Welcome!

My name is Sandra Obergruber and I am here to support and empower you to unlock your potential, step into who you really are at your essence and start living your life fully, based on deep joy and inner peace.


Coaching with me is an inward journey by connecting with your soul wisdom, following your heart´s desire while holding your vision high, and step by step implementing change in your outside world and life.  We walk side by side during this journey with me encouraging, guiding and inspiring you while holding you accountable for staying on the path you committed to.

For a successful coaching process the rapport and relationship between the coach and the client needs to be a good match based on a natural chemistry and a connection with good vibes. Coach and client need to resonate well together and relate to each other. So, to foster those good vibes, I want to introduce myself to you a little more.


This is Me. I was born and raised in Austria, and lived many years in Germany and USA. I traveled to many different countries around the world, exploring different cultures, religions, people, backgrounds and ways of living. While my nationality is Austrian, I am a free spirit, global by choice and home in my heart. My “lives” in different countries and the travels around the world have opened my mind and heart, and have given me a strong appreciation for diversity and multicultural differences.


I have an intense life experience with changing and dynamic family relationships. My life has been a true journey of transitions and personal transformation from the very beginning. I have learned that change is possible, always. I truly believe that the only constant in life is change, and each challenge we face presents valuable opportunities to grow personally and experience transformation. I am a lifelong student, wisdom seeker, truth teller, change maker, joyful intuitive and a pioneer in my own life.


From early age on I had the vision and passionate heart desire to help others move through crisis and life transitions, turn their challenges into opportunities, experience the power of change and the joy of personal growth. Today I work with individuals of all ages from all walks of life helping them overcome their fears, limiting paradigms, patterns and roadblocks to blossom into who they really are at their essence, standing in their power and Greatness, and creating the soul inspired life they seek. 


My present life. I am currently located at the beautiful Lake Constance Area in Germany where I live with my  two amazing sons (14 and 16y.) and our beloved Labrador Retriever. I love spending time with my boys and our dog out in nature. Hiking, camping, Yoga, running, fitness, meditating, reading, watching movies and reading are my passion hobbies. Being connected to friends and colleagues from all over the world makes me deeply happy and grateful. I love my life which is always full of surprises, learning lessons, change and opportunities.

 I adhere to the ICF’s Code of Ethics by the International Coach Federation.