Loving Kindness to Yourself

"What makes maitri (loving kindness to yourself) such a different approach is that we are not trying to solve a problem. We are not striving to make pain go away... In fact, we are giving up control altogether and letting concepts and ideals fall apart. -Pema Chödrön


Holding the space for yourself, allowing anything to arise...


Exploring what's there. Who you are.

Sometimes you may feel shocked, sometimes you may want to cover up and hide what you see or feel. Sometimes you may get lost in judgment, likes and dislikes, falling into harshness and self-invalidation.

If that's the case, focus on holding the space for yourself, an open space, always there, even in the darkest moments or most difficult dialogues with yourself.

In that open space learn to meet whatever arises with an open heart and a curious mind.

Not struggling against it, but observing and relaxing.

Feeling what's there to feel.

Allowing it to speak to you.

Being with instead of fighting against.

Right there in that open space you can practice maitri (loving kindness to yourself) holding what comes up without judgment or ignorance.

"Being able to accept and appreciate, being able to look closely, being able to open your mind-this is the core of maitri."

Find that open space and live your life from there, with loving kindness to yourself and others. It's the seed of transformation.


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