The Gentle Voice Within

My gentle voice within - always there but easily ignored. 

My gentle voice tries to tell me very important things:


Listen to me. - Do you really want this? - What do you feel deep inside? - Believe in yourself. - You know what´s best for you. - Just be yourself. - Slow down. - Take a break. - No need for perfectionism. - You are loved because of who you are. - Step back and pause. - ...


When we are little kids, we hear our inner voice with great clarity and we do respond to life very intuitively. We "know" from deep inside how we feel, what or who we like or dislike,... we sense honesty and authenticity, we sense good and bad.


As we become older, we start to listen to all the other voices and messages around us - the voices of our parents, siblings, friends, teachers and coaches, critics, strangers and experts... the voices of our Ego and the do's and don't s of society in general... the voices of fear and limiting paradigms...  and we slowly get distracted.

We begin to doubt, question and ignore this gentle inner voice within. Our inner voice quiets down more and more to the point where we ´don't even hear it anymore. And with time we forget about that inner voice. We focus on our rational, analyzing mind with our intellect fully taking over. It seems normal to live daily life from intellect and a rational mindset. People tell us we have grown up, we are realistic, normal and no dreamer. We fit in.

BUT in that case we lost our intuition and heart connection. We lost access to our gentle voice within. That voice leading us from the heart with a deeper knowing and understanding.

With no access to our intuition, we don't feel connected to ourselves. We aren't centered. That deeper intuitive knowing and guidance is not assecible. It`'s somewhere hidden deep down within.


How to re-awaken that gentle inner voice?

In order to re-awaken and re-connect with our gentle inner voice, and to let it become stronger again, seek moments of silence:

to feel, to listen within, to sense. Focus less on your mind, intellect and more on your heart. Trusting that source of wisdom deep inside. That gentle inner voice. It's still there.

In moments of stillness and silence like meditation, quiet reflection, contemplating and pondering, Yoga practice, silent nature walks, or by just sitting still, sensing within while having a cup of tea,... in all those silent activities our gentle inner voice is invited to speak up louder.

It needs to be nurtured. It´'s like a muscle being trained. Our gentle inner voice speaks to us through words that pop up out of nowhere nudging us, through images and clear feelings underlined by a sense of knowing. A physical sensation. A glimpse of truth that we covered up. A spark of desire that is somewhere inside of us. A dream coming alive.


Ponder upon these questions and listen deep within. Listen for that gentle voice inside. It has a message for you.

Who am I?    How do I truly feel?    How connected am I to my body?    Do I live from the mind only or do I live from the heart as well?   Where do I stand in my work, relationships, life circumstances?    Am I living authentically and heart-inspired?      What's my focus and direction?      What's true about where I am in life at the moment?     

Connected with your heart center and intuition, you fully know what needs to be changed. You know what to focus on more and what to let go of. You know how to nurture yourself. You know your path...     

....from heart center, that gentle inner voice.


Listen within... do you hear your gentle inner voice?


If you find yourself having lost the connection to your heart center and intuition, and if you feel disconnected to yourself, not really knowing who you are anymore, you may want to consider Transformational Coaching as a powerful way to re-awaken and re-connect to that gentle inner voice again, and start living heart-inspired and authentic. Contact me for a free initial discovery session to find out if coaching can help you.


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