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Breathe in Calm and Peace



Imagine your are completely at peace even thought he world around you turns and turns and turns. The wheels are spinning, the hamster is running and you are in the midst of it.


BUT you are completely calm on the inside. Deep within you are at peace and resting in your heart space. 


How would you feel? What would happen with your relationships in your life, with your work or your energy level?

Try it and book a coaching session with me, or treat someone you love with a coaching session.

The Gift of Change 

Life transition and change are never easy. I have gone through a LOT and found tremendous learning and personal transformation. 

One of my favorite quotes is:


"When all is said and done, there will be one question: did you learn to love?"


Transformation Coaching with me focuses on the heart and how to bring more love and peace into your life. Are you ready?


Take time for introspection, reflection and discovery.

Make peace with what was and what´`'s to come.

Start the New Year with awareness and intention, and achieve your soul-centered goals.


Register for this special individual private retreat.

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What clients say

In 2013, I met Sandra through the International Women´s Group. As an expat in Germany, I lost my sense of self; I did not really know who I was and what it was I wanted in life. After taking the workshop "New Year - New Beginnings" with Sandra, where I reflected on the year and decided which lessons to take with me to the new year, I decided to start a coaching trajectory with Sandra. In it we focused on who I was – my fears, my dreams, my hopes. I learned what I needed to grow, to become more stable and to enjoy the opportunities in life again. After only a few sessions, I already felt that a lot had changed. And even now, after moving back ‘home’, I still think about the sessions I had with Sandra and I still benefit from what I learned and experienced in those hours. Sandra is a very intuitive lady – she notices where the problems are and knows how to make you work on them. After the workshop, which was over Skype and was only about an hour, I already had new insights. Every session I left with new energy and with new things to think about. In my opinion that makes Sandra a great coach. Besides being a great professional coach, Sandra is also a very nice person. It felt good to know that for the expat-part, she completely understood what I said, as she had lived abroad for many years as well. I would highly recommend getting into a coaching-trajectory with Sandra. Be it in person or over Skype; both options I experienced and both worked very well.

– Astrid Habraken, Netherlands

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