Do you face a major life transition or personal crisis?

Do you want to implement change to live an authentic, soulful and balanced life?

Burn Out

You feel emotionally exhausted, mentally drained and excessively stressed? You are drowning in the flood of daily demands and responsibilities? You can't find any strength within feeling drained and empty?


Separation and Divorce

cause stress on so many levels. Re-connecting to self, developing a new life vision and defining a new life path, dealing with the pain of loss and the fear of new beginnings, supporting your kids in this process are just some aspects of this major life transition.

Feeling lost and disconnected from yourself

You lost yourself along the way? You focused on your work, your family, your relationship, your kids, but not at all on yourself and you don't know any more who you really are? 

Parenting Difficulties * Raising a highly challenging, (self) abusive child or teenager

Dealing with your highly sensitive child or disrespectful withdrawn teenager while trying to (re-)establish a stabile connection and creating healthy boundaries can be a daily struggle and highly stressful. Helping your child move through life transitions and crisis caused by a national or international move, parent divorce, trauma or loss feels overwhelming and very scary. 

Moving into a Foreign Country * Living Abroad * Relocating to your Home Country

Culture shock, loss of friendships and daily life routines, new work environments and tasks, different life style and society rules, a new language and foreign traditions, raising the children in a foreign culture are only some problems people and families face when being sent on an assignment into a foreign country or living in an intercultural love relationship or moving to the partner's home country. 

Soulful Coaching

is an inspirational and powerful approach to help you turn your challenges into opportunities for your personal transformation so you can step into your greatness, discover and live your truth, experience breakthroughs, implement positive change, and create a soul-inspired, authentic life. 

You will begin to see change as a treasured opportunity that invites you to look at your life in new ways and live aligned with your deepest values and heart's desires.  


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Discover the Gift of Change and Transition



The only constant in life is change. 

 With Soulful Coaching you learn to embrace change and transitions as powerful catalysts for your liberation and empowerment.


Your transformation begins as soon as you are ready to acknowledge

your present life situation on a mental, emotional and physical level. 


This will open the door to a soulful, heart-inspired and authentic life!



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Certified Transformation Coach Sandra Obergruber

I can honestly say that change is my middle name. Since my early childhood, I had to face numerous major life transitions, all themes from above included. Yes, I have truly walked the path and I never felt more empowered and authentically, soulfully living than today.

Through deep self-exploration, I experienced a profound transformation that helped me create a life in balance, joy, and harmony inside and out. 

Fueled by a deep passion to support others, I am now working as a certified transformation coach with a special coaching approach specializing in supporting individuals from all walks of life who face their own life transitions or crisis, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, having lost touch with themselves over the years. 

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I write about daily life experiences that hold many learning lessons and my own stories that may inspire you. I question one way perspectives, set circumstances and limiting paradigms to shake things up so we can see what your options are. If you want to dive in, click here...


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What clients say

In 2013, I met Sandra through the International Women´s Group. As an expat in Germany, I lost my sense of self; I did not really know who I was and what it was I wanted in life. After taking the workshop "New Year - New Beginnings" with Sandra, where I reflected on the year and decided which lessons to take with me to the new year, I decided to start a coaching trajectory with Sandra. In it we focused on who I was – my fears, my dreams, my hopes. I learned what I needed to grow, to become more stable and to enjoy the opportunities in life again. After only a few sessions, I already felt that a lot had changed. And even now, after moving back ‘home’, I still think about the sessions I had with Sandra and I still benefit from what I learned and experienced in those hours. Sandra is a very intuitive lady – she notices where the problems are and knows how to make you work on them. After the workshop, which was over Skype and was only about an hour, I already had new insights. Every session I left with new energy and with new things to think about. In my opinion that makes Sandra a great coach. Besides being a great professional coach, Sandra is also a very nice person. It felt good to know that for the expat-part, she completely understood what I said, as she had lived abroad for many years as well. I would highly recommend getting into a coaching-trajectory with Sandra. Be it in person or over Skype; both options I experienced and both worked very well.

– Astrid Habraken, Netherlands

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